Donate books for your old school


The elementary school you attended is facing a severe shortage of books, and you have always wanted to donate books to help. But you’re not sure how to go about it.

Ayay Media produces books and makes all existing children’s books available. We can help you deliver the books to the school that played a crucial role in shaping the person you are today.

Sign up on our website and let us know the book titles you want to donate. You can choose from the options we provide, but if you don’t find a specific title on the list, simply let us know, and we will locate it for you. Provide us with the details of the recipient school and the number of books you would like to donate. We will then provide you with the timeline and cost.

Please place your order before the start of the school year to ensure that the children have books for the entire year.

By sending books to the school, you will enable many students to have access to a wider range of reading materials. This will contribute to the growth of knowledge and foster a new generation with enhanced cognitive capabilities.

Visit our website, sign up, and provide us with the necessary details. We will take care of the rest. You will only be charged once we have delivered the books to the school.

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