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ትፍቶን ህድአትን አብ ሩባ መረብ ንየውን ነጀውን ተወሊደን። ማሓዙት ኮይነን ቁልዕነተን እንተሕልፋ ናይ ኢትዩ ኤርትራ ጦርነት ፈላልዩወን።

ተፈላልየን ዶ ይቐርያ ይኾና ወይስ ክራኸባ እየን ? አብዛ መፅሓፍ ታሪኸን ክትረኽቡዎ ኢኹም።

Tifito and Hidat are friends born on each side of the river, Mereb. When the border war between Eritrean and Ethiopia erupted, they were separated. Will they stay separated or manage to find each other?

Comment entretenir une amitié pendant un conflit ou une guerre ? Les recherchez-vous physiquement des années plus tard ? Utilisez-vous les plateformes de médias sociaux actuelles pour les trouver ? Leur écrivez-vous des lettres et espérez-vous qu’ils habitent au même endroit? Cette histoire se concentre sur la façon dont deux jeunes essaient de maintenir leur amitié dans des moments difficiles.


Alula Teklu

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Alula Teklu




Tigrigna, English, French, Kiswahili




Ayay Books

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Tiebe Mesfin Headshot

“ኣሉላ ንኡሽተይ ቖልዓ ኮይኑ ጀሚሩ ሓዱሽ ነገር ምሙካር ዝፈቱ ሙኡዙዝ እዩ ነይሩ። ብቑልዕነቱ ዝፈልጠንን ካልኦት ሓደሽትን ነበረያ ነበረታትን ተወሳኺ ፅሑፋትን ከምዙይ ኣመልኪዑ ኣዳልዩዎ ብምርኣየይ ኣዝየ ተሓቢነን ኮሪዔን። ንገሊኤን ካዓ ዘኪረ ናይ ቀደም ጥዑም እዋን ብትዝታ ተመሊሰ ኣስተማቒረ። ኩሎም ወለዲ ንቲ ነበረያ ነበረታትን ካልኦት መምሀርን መዛናግዕን ፅሑፋት ንደቆም ክዕድጉሎምን ከንቡቡሎምን ይምዕድ። ብሓደ ኮይንኩም እውን ኣንቡቡ። ምስደቅኻ ዝሓልፍ ጊዜ ሙቁር ጊዜ ስለዝኾነ።”

Tiebe  Mesfin, teacher with 40 years experience


“I was looking for original stories for my children, I found the books in Ayay Media to be original, humane and inspiring. I look forward to seeing more books on this platform”

A mother of two children


 “I found my childhood in some of the stories, I am nostalgic”

 A friend who shared a lot of childhood